We create sustainable communities through education, outreach, and action.

Eco Consulting is a leader in educating communities and implementing programs to reduce residents energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our impact in the Pacific Northwest

Home health & Energy
Assessments Completed

LEDs installed

kWh reduced annually

Our software is built to provide our customers – utilities, cities, and commercial customers – with the analytics needed to execute effective programs.

Program Implementation and execution

Eco Consulting’s award winning implementation team takes pride in accountability and execution.  Our strength is setting program goals and executing.


Outreach takes many forms.  We thrive in engaging communities at events and farmers markets, through our digital tool, and through D2D campaigns.


We provide
creative solutions to solve our customers problems.

Whether you are a utility wanting to educate your customers on your rebates or wanting to execute a Direct Install program for underserviced communities, a company wanting to improve the comfort, efficiencey, and health of your employees homes, or a retirement community looking to reduce the energy consumption and air quality issues in your residents homes, our team of sustainability consultants will be able to draft solutions and strategies creating a roadmap to accomplishing your goals.


Making a postive impact in our communities will make a positive impact on your business!

Eco Consulting approaches sustainability with a focused goal to tangibly measure the impact we are helping our clients make through their actions.  Tracking metrics on the positive impact helps reinforce strategies and programs along with attributing the impact to our clients further promoting their business goals and brands.

Sustainability Policy is changing

Washington State is the most recent state to pass legislation for Clean Energy.  This is just the beginning of states and local government inacting GHG reduction policies.

Customers care

66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products/services.

Employees care

70% of Millennials said they would stay with a company if it had a strong sustainabilty plan.