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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                       – Nelson Mandela



Our goal at Eco Consulting is to educate families in the Pacific Northwest on ways to reduce their homes energy consumption.  Our auditors leave each customer enriched with knowledge and an understanding of how to increase their home’s comfort and efficiency.  Each home we go into is an opportunity to improve someone’s life, and we treat it that way.  The HomePrint™ Assessment  is the service we provide Puget Sound Energy customers.


Puget Sound Energy’s HomePrint™ Assessment includes up to 20 LED’s and an overview of a home’s energy use; essentially a home energy audit. In-home service will provide the customer with a better understanding of their home’s basic energy consumption, cost effective ways to use less energy, along with useful information on ultimately improving the comfort and efficiency of their home.  Following the assessment  we provide customers with a summary of energy-saving recommendations, in addition to information on: PSE energy-efficient product rebates, contractor referrals and other helpful energy efficiency tips.


Primary Attic Insulation Conditions:
Between 0-4 inches of attic insulation present Between 4-6 inches of attic insulation present Between 6-12 inches of attic insulation present Over 12 inches of attic insulation present Undefined; e.g. enclosed cavity, catherdral ceilings


Shading Conditions:

No to little shading

Some shading

In the woods


Estimated Air Leakage Conditions:
Drafty home Somewhat drafty Tight home


In addition to the knowledge we pass along to each customer we also we provide the customer with,


  • On-site installation of free high-efficiency light bulbs replacing non-efficient lighting  (up to 20 LED light bulbs)

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  • Provide High-performance showerheads upon request  (up to 2 per qualifying home)


NOTE: To qualify for a HomePrint™ Assessment, a Puget Sound Energy Customer must be a PSE electric or natural gas customer living in an existing single-family property or attached housing with four units or less. One (1) rebate per household.

*High efficiency lighting for PSE electric customers only.


Every customer will receive a Eco Consulting Home Performance Report; energy saving recommendations prioritize by improving comfort and most cost effective/return on investment. If  the customer wants to move forward with any of the recommendations we can help them along the path by either providing do-it-yourselfers the resources and knowledge or passing less adventurous customers on to our partner companies that will provide free estimates for all the work recommended.


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LED Bulb Counter will soon keep track of all LED’s Eco Consulting installs in customers home showing the impact they’re helping us make

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