The PSE Home Energy Assessment and 20 LEDs are FREE for qualifying PSE customers.

Sponsored by Puget Sound Energy.

Eco Consulting Home Performance

PSE Home Energy Assessment + Eco Home Health Assessment

Our nationally certified BPI Building Analyst Eco Auditor will visually inspect the building envelope of your home to make sure that you have continuous thermal and air barriers.  Your Eco Inspector will also analyze your home to help identify the most effective ways to heat and cool your living space, based on how you use your home.  You will receive a home energy score along with a list of prioritized recommendations that will outline the most cost effective way to create a comfortable, efficient, and healthy home.

Length: 45 – 90 minutes

Equipment: Visual inspection

Cost (Without LEDs):

  • FREE for qualifying PSE customers (AKA: PSE Home Energy Assessment)

Cost (With direct installation of up to 20 LEDs):

  • FREE for qualifying PSE customers (AKA: PSE Home Energy Assessment)


  • Quick non-invasive energy assessment that will educate you on your home as a system.
  • Report with prioritized recommendations on how to create a comfortable, efficient home.
  • Save up to 30% on heating and utility costs by following recommendations.
  • Save up to $150 per year on lighting for next 23 years.
  • Do It Yourself resources to help you complete recommendations given during assessment
  • Access to our network of trusted award winning energy contractors to help with recommendations.
  • Identify moisture, mold or rodent issues in home


  • Primary purpose of this inspection is to educate the homeowner/renter on the most cost effective ways to improve the comfort, air quality, and efficiency of their homes.
  • Educate customers on PSE rebates available.

How to Qualify

MeasureIncentive AmountPre-existing ConditionPost Condition
PSE Home Energy AssessmentFREE to customerPSE Home Energy Assessment has not
been previously completed at the
site address
Home Energy Assessment results are emailed to the customer
LEDsFREE to customerIncandescent or halogen lampsUp to 20 LED lamps (any lamp type)
Must be directly installed by the specialist at
the time of the service
ShowerheadsFREE to customerPrimary or secondary showerhead is
2.0 GPM or >
Up to two, 1.5 GPM showerheads
Specialist to leave-behind with the customer
to install

To be eligible for PSE’s Home Energy Assessment program:

  • You must be a current PSE residential electric and/or natural gas customer.
  • You must live in an existing single-family property or attached housing with four units or less.
  • You must provide your PSE account number at the time of assessment.
  • If your home has already received a PSE HomePrint/home energy assessment, or it has received services through PSE’s manufactured home duct sealing program, you are not eligible

We will install up to 20 of the below LEDs at NO COST for qualifying PSE customers

and leave behind the below shower-heads and aerators