2013 and 2014 Energy Efficiency Leader Award for HomePrint Assessments

“I recently had my home inspected by Eco-Consulting to determine ways to save on energy costs.  I was most impressed with the technician that surveyed our home.  First off, he was on time which is always a plus.  He then proceeded to conduct a very thorough inspection of our home, starting from the cellar and working up to the attic.  Along the way, he made some very practical suggestions, all of which are easy and inexpensive to implement.

The inspection took about an hour. When finished, I was very pleased with what I learned.  It was an added bonus to receive 16 ultra low energy light bulbs that not only will save money, but also considerably brightened our kitchen. I have already recommended Eco-Consulting to our neighbors, and gladly offer this testimonial for any interested readers.”

– Redmond, WA

“Stephen Bay from Eco Consulting (a PSE pre-qualified independent Contractor Alliance Network member) assessed our home and made recommendations to reduce energy use. He is an outstanding employee: friendly, knowledgeable, recommends practical improvements, and for the higher cost items he can give you a ball-park approximation for the time to break even. I would recommend all PSE customers take advantage of Eco Consulting services.”

– Bellevue, WA

“Randy from Eco Consulting did a great job performing the HomePrint Assessment. Randy took time to explain things to him he had no idea about and communicated the information in layman’s terms that he appreciated.”

– Lacey, WA

“Stephen PSE energy advisor did a complete energy evaluation of our home. Gratitude big time! We have 20 new bright miserly LED bulbs installed as well as a very doable list of a few things we can do to improve our homes efficiency. He was able to bring our attention also to a moisture problem caused by a product we had installed recently. We corrected the problem that could have caused serious damage down the road. What I love about this company is that they are selling nothing and are only there to advise and help the homeowner. I feel proud and empowered thanks to eco consulting.

– Issaquah, WA

Andrew did wonderful job this morning and helped me with details about how to save energy at home. I just want to thank you and your team for your helping! You are like Santa giving lights and energy for every home

– Redmond, WA

Andrew Allen is an Energy Auditor with Eco Consulting and customer wanted to let Puget Sound Energy know how professional and wonderful he was. He has a total knack for customer service and performed the job beyond expectations. Also, appreciates the free light bulbs and wanted to thank PSE for providing those to them.

– Kent, WA

Called in to share how extremely impressed he is with Andrew Allen of Eco Consulting. Andrew was professional, took time to do a thorough job of the assessment with including explanations of what and why he was making certain recommendations. Feels Andrew will go far and wanted PSE to know how impressed he is.

– Kent, WA